GetCardBoard Expedition- Making studying Fun

Cardboard expedition, opening new gates for innovation.
Cardboard is making its way to every field. It already has set a benchmark in improving your experience in gaming and video viewing etc. Now it’s heading towards education. With the announcement of Getcardboard Cardboard Expedition program, now it’s possible to use cardboard to teach your child.
Practical knowledge is better than theoretical. It is believed that a child learn things faster and better if they experience it. Visiting places and learning about its beauty, architecture, and grand history is much better than simply reading about them in books. When kids touch, see or feel things it stays in their mind forever. But taking your child to all famous places in India is neither practically nor financially possible.
But cardboard has made it possible. Make studies fun with cardboard. This vacation give your child a trip to all the famous places of India. Take them on a tour to Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Agra fort, Doll Museum, Planetarium etc.
With so many apps floating on the app store, there are many options lined up for you. You can either download a photosphere picture or go to GetCardboard Maps and get the Street View of these places. The licensed GetCardboard Cardboard app comes with a feature of photosphere were you can view any photosphere images. Apart from this, there are many apps to view the Photosphere picture. Download any app and you are ready to go, that too with your GetCardboard VR Viewer.

google cardboard expedition photosphere images

Simply follow the steps below for Google map street view
1. Make sure your smartphone is horizontal.
2. Open a location in Street View in Google Maps.
3. Double-tap the icon in the lower-right so that the Street View image turns stereoscopic (split in two).
4. Insert your phone into GetCardboard VR Viewer.

google cardboard expedition street view image

When your child will see these places through GetCardboard, it will give him the illusion that he is present there at that moment. It is easy to show them the architecture, work and the beauty of various places.

Since this big announcement in latest conference Google I/O 2015, it is expected that many apps would be made available for teaching purposes. Looking forward to the bright future, but till then let’s make the most of what is available to us at the moment.

Virtually reality won’t just now be entertaining but educative as well.

If you haven’t experienced it till now, what are you waiting for? Bring home the amazing GetCardboard VR Viewer at lowest price from


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