AuraVR PRO Virtual Reality Viewer VR Headset – A Game Changer !


Northern Tech, India’s biggest manufacturer and seller of vr headsets under the brand names – GetCardboard and AuraVR adds another feather to its hat with the launch of AuraVR Pro Plastic VR headset. In this VR headset we have inculcated all the important and crucial inputs provided by our valuable customers since inception. It is a result of deep virtual reality industry understanding, product knowledge, customer requirement insight and dedicated customer relationship team which is always in touch with our esteemed customers solving their queries and assisting them in experiencing virtual reality.
After the grand success of GetCardboard and AuraVR branded vr headsets, it’s time to introduce you to another path breaking VR gadget that will exceed customer expectation and yet very much affordable and that’s AuraVR Pro.

02Currently we are accepting pre orders for this vr headset and a promotional early bird discount of 10% can be availed using the coupon if you place your order now on our website or  AuraVR PRO comes with its own unique features that are listed below.
Two way adjustable lenses –
Auravr PRO comes with 2 way adjustable lenses i.e. lenses can be moved horizontally (inter papillary distance adjustment) to best  suit your vision as well as adjustable lens to eye distance thus eliminating the chances of eye strain if used for longer duration.


Lens adjustment1  Lens IPD1


Supporting Smart phones –
AuraVR PRO can support smart phones with sizes ranging from 4 “ to 6 “. Any smart phone with minimum operating system as Android 4.1 and Apple iOS as 5. For enjoying complete VR experience phone must have sensors like gyroscope, compass, magnetometer and proximity sensor. Gyro sensor is required for head movement tracking.  Some of the leading smart phone manufacturing companies include – HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, LG, Nexus, Micromax etc.
Easy Heat Dissipation –
Some smart phones gets heated when used for longer duration. To curb this over heating issue, this AuraVR PRO headset comes with detachable front lid and heat sinking grill. The excessive heat gets dissipated through this grill. This vr headset can also be used with this lid removed thus allowing to use this phone for longer hours without getting the phone overheated.


Open Lid1


Fits any face contour  –
AuraVR Pro comes with adjustable head strap and soft leather cushioning along the edges which means irrespective of individual’s face contour this vr gadget can be used by anyone with ease.


Back View

Unique comfort wear design

This AuraVR PRO is a light weight, ergonomically designed gadget that does not permit any light into the vr headset thus a complete immersive virtual reality experience. Also it can be used with spectacles thus practically it can be used by anybody.





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