AuraVR Go – A Futuristic yet affordable VR gadget

AuraVR firmly believes in reinventing and in the process evolving and improving the existing technology that too ensuring that it stays a budget shopping for VR enthusiasts.

In pursuance with this AuraVR has designed a VR headset for an impeccable VR experience that too with almost all the features in high-end VR headsets in Indian market. What sets it apart from the horde of VR headsets in the market is its cool VR gadget with its cool patented design open case design that redefines your virtual reality experience
Talking about its amazing features is more a pleasure to know and experience self.




Inbuilt Clicker Button: The unique feature that makes this design patented VR headset stand out of the crowd is its clicker button. It allows moving forward from one video to other when operated in a VR mode. Now say good bye to non supportive magnetic clickers as this clicker button works with all smartphones irrespective of presence of magnetometer sensor.

Open Case Design: The open case design facilitates easy mobile heat dissipation and free space to plug in jacks in your smartphone. Volume control is also within reach. Also, the added bonus is seamless shift from VR to AR.

Lightest VR Headset In Its Class: AuraVR Go’s weight is incredibly low, just 148 gms!! Infact you don’t feel like wearing it, it’s the weight of your smartphone that makes it heavier. The T-shaped straps are comfortable to wear and evenly spread the VR headset weight around your head. The cushion around eyes is especially made to avoid sweat around the eye area.

Adjustable Lenses: Being adjustable sideways (focal distance) to Interpupillary Distance (IPD), AuraVR Go can be worn by anyone, irrespective of their face contours. The 42 MM lenses can go to and fro too providing a Field of View of 100-110 degree. What is unique about the lens adjustment is that it is unique to each eye.

Front Mobile Panel: The silicon studs hold the mobile phone firmly in place and prevents any scuff mark on screen. It supports phone up to 5.5”

VR Immersion: The best features about AuraVR Go is light feather-like weight and lens adjustment. It is literally a universal VR headset, from school going child to an adult, with or without glasses, anyone can wear this. The silicon button here also smoothens the user interaction with smartphone in VR headset. Additionally, it’s open case design along with quicker mobile heat dissipation, permits easy insertion of headphone/ear phone for audio output.

The cool VR gadget with its cool patented design enables you to enjoy 360 degree videos, virtual tours, 3D movies and play virtual reality games on your smartphone. It will redefine your virtual reality experience.
Grab your AuraVR Go VR Headset Now!!

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