AuraVR Virtual Reality Plastic VR Headset, Supports upto 6 Inches Phones

999.00 335.00

Experience Virtual Reality On Your Mobile in an inexpensive way!!!

AuraVR, VR Headset, is a beautifully designed, full plastic body VR headset.


  • Plastic VR headset
  • Magnetic trigger
  • Over the head elastic Head strap

Product Description

Virtual Reality 3D Plastic VR Headset Fits up to 6″ Mobile Phones (Ready To Use)


Fits any phone…whatever its size!

Thick, thin, long or broad, with or without back cover, all sizes fit. Our patented open slit design allows use of phones with up to 6″ screens.

Long lasting, wont tear, break or stain

Need we say more about the durable plastic body design? No more horrible forehead stains. No more torn cardboard to deal with. Buy once & it stays with you for years 🙂

Looks beautiful and impressive

The smooth, matte finished body is sure to delight you.


Adjustable elastic headband for better fit and a vertical over the head strap to reduce pressure on the nose. Now play those 3D VR games for hours without any worry.

Sound Clarity

The front lid comes with holes for enhanced sound clarity.

Made in India

Proudly designed and Made in India. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.
Contact Us at 0172-4681840 and


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