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    • General Discussion on Virtual Reality Viewers

      Oculus has ruled the market as the major virtual reality viewer but with launch GetCardboard, it is facing some serious competition. Oculus is very expensive in comparison to GetCardboard based products. Other major difference is its responsiveness. The Oculus Rift feel less responsive than the phone. This is just my personal feeling, but it makes sense since the paperboard app is a native app run on the device with all sensors built-in. While Oculus rift is just a display with certain sensors processed from a connected PC.

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    • Virtual Reality Software & Applications

      There are plenty of software and applications available on play store. Depending upon the usage we have different applications be it  for image viewing or  for gaming. Like for enjoying movies and images, we have Cardboard application, VR cinema and for enjoying 3D games we have Dive City Roller Coaster,  Protect the planet to name a few.

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