Common Questions Asked (FAQs)

Cardboard VR kit is an inexpensive kit that enable users with compatible mobile devices to experience the magic of virtual reality. It is entirely based on the Google’s virtual reality kit.
GetCardboard.in has been created to bring the best quality virtual reality experience to the masses in the most easiest and inexpensive way.
Cardboard 3D box is one of the most inexpensive device available to experience the virtual reality using your android based mobile phone. You can watch 3D movies, play 3D games, visit your favorite destinations through virtual tours etc.
We are using biconvex asymmetrical lenses of diameter 25 mm with focal distance 45 mm in our Cardboard 3D box.
We are providing one cardboard cutout (with prefixed ceramic disk magnet), one eye piece with prefixed biconvex lenses , one separator, one neodymium ring magnet, four small Velcro pieces, one elastic band, one instruction manual that will guide you to assemble the kit in less than 5 minutes.
Cardboard 3D box can be assembled in less than 5 minutes by following the simple instructions. The instruction manual is provided with pack or to view it online, click here. Please keep adhesive/cello tape/stapler handy.
You won’t require any tool to assemble the kit. But you will require adhesive/ stapler to paste velcro pieces with 3D box and a cello tape to paste one side of the cardboard box to other.
It’s very simple. Just launch the VR app, put the phone in Cardboard Kit as directed and start enjoying.
The 3D box has been designed for normal eye sight. If the image looks blurry, gently wipe the lenses with a soft cloth.
There may be slight blur around the very edge of the lenses due to the curve, but that will be minimal. 45 mm lenses will have much less blur around the edges than lesser focal length lenses available from many other suppliers.
No, not at this time. We are designing a 7″ model and we will keep you posted.
Not yet, but technically it is possible. We just need some apps to go with it.
No, we are not responsible for use or misuse of our product or its part. So be careful. You can use the rubber band (this will hold the mobile phone within the box) if you start passing it around the party.
All phones running Jelly Bean 4.1 or newer, which is most of us can run the VR App from the Google Play Store. However, the magnetic double-clicking will not work on some phones. Here is the list from Google’s website.
The kit works best with mobile phones having 5.1″ screen.
No, the magnets actually assist in the functionality of the device. The magnets are used to make selections within the VR App while the Cardboard Kit is in use.

Check to see if your phone is in the magnet compatible list from Google.

  • Make sure you have removed your phone case if you are using one.
  • Reboot your phone after you installed the VR App.
  • Try downloading another VR App found in the Google Play Store to see if the magnet pull will register with another App.
1. Check to see if your phone is in the compatible list from Google.
2. Be sure your phone is running at least Android 4.1 Jellybean.
3. Try downloading another VR App found in the Google Play Store.
4. If all else fails, give your cardboard to a friend whose phone it will work on!
The NFC tag has not been included in Do-It-Yourself Virtual Reality Kit because of following major reasons-
1. NFC tag is not compatible with all the mobile phones.
2. NFC tag adds to the cost of the product and we wanted to keep our product simpler and cheaper so that every one can experience virtual reality on their mobile phone in an inexpensive way.
3. When NFC tag is used with the mobile phone, it by default opens the Cardboard application, which may not be useful for ever user and then switching to other application is a tedious task.