AuraVR Go – A Futuristic yet affordable VR gadget

AuraVR firmly believes in reinventing and in the process evolving and improving the existing technology that too ensuring that it stays a budget shopping for VR enthusiasts. In pursuance with this AuraVR has designed a VR headset for an impeccable VR experience that too with almost all the features in high-end VR headsets in Indian […]


AuraVR PRO Virtual Reality Viewer VR Headset – A Game Changer !

  Northern Tech, India’s biggest manufacturer and seller of vr headsets under the brand names – GetCardboard and AuraVR adds another feather to its hat with the launch of AuraVR Pro Plastic VR headset. In this VR headset we have inculcated all the important and crucial inputs provided by our valuable customers since inception. It […]

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AuraVR at TEDxWalledCity

“TEDxWalledCity,an independently organized TED event” TEDxWalledCity gave AuraVR the opportunity to be a part of an event where diversely minded people with great and unique ideas came together on a common platform to discuss and share views. TEDxWalledCity focused on the Theme of “A Fair Chance”. Speakers with world changing ideas come together and inspired audience […]


GetCardBoard Expedition- Making studying Fun

Cardboard expedition, opening new gates for innovation. Cardboard is making its way to every field. It already has set a benchmark in improving your experience in gaming and video viewing etc. Now it’s heading towards education. With the announcement of Getcardboard Cardboard Expedition program, now it’s possible to use cardboard to teach your child. Practical […]


GetCardboard VR Viewer Review

Cardboard Review GetCardboard VR Viewer is virtual reality kit made up of cardboard.  It is one of the best inventions. By means of this VR kit you get to experience virtual reality world inside this GetCardboard VR Viewer which means you don’t have to buy any expensive tools or gear. If you hail from India […]

Watch Worldcup 2015 in VR Style

With world cup season on and India having already three wins in its pocket, cricket can’t get more excited than this. The time to get glued to the seats is coming but it might not be possible to watch every match on a big screen with friends around. Watching match on your small mobile screen […]

Buy GetCardboard Virtual Reality Viewer in India

Still looking for answer to Where to buy GetCardboard in India at cheapest price? Now experiencing virtual reality on a mobile phone will no longer be limited to people of certain nationalities as the shopping Virtual Reality website, launches GetCardboard based Do-It-Yourself Virtual reality kit in India for just ₹ 230! If you are looking […]

Experience Virtual Reality like Oculus Rift in an Inexpensive Way on Your Mobile! 3

Experience Virtual Reality: a buzzword that has been floating around for the last few years can now be experienced by masses, all thanks to latest development in technology and product development. Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, being developed by Oculus VR was one of the earliest products launched as key enabler for experiencing […]

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Virtual Reality Game Apps For Your Cardboard VR Headset

Exploring the world of Virtual Reality imagine, we came across many interesting Game apps. These apps are fun and takes you to a whole new dimension. Let it be gaming or simply experiencing yourself in some place or ride. Get baffled between the real and virtual reality Cardboard with these apps. The virtual reality might […]