Welcome to our Cardboard Studio!

Virtual reality has already marked its presence in western world but in India it is still in the nascent stage. We at Northern MindTech wanted the latest development in Virtual Reality technology to be accessible to everyone that too in a simple and inexpensive way and the result is this Cardboard box under the brand name GetCardboard. Its all about 3D experience on your mobiles. 

Developing a VR requires expensive, specialized hardware and a perfect design. So we have brought a product that could be assembled in less than 5 minutes and can be used as a split screen virtual reality viewer. Our product is based on Virtual Reality (VR) which will turn your android based mobile phone into a basic VR headset and you can enjoy 3D movies, virtual tours, VR games etc.

We are Chandigarh based company and our address is:

Northern MindTech Llb.

29/6, Industrial Area, Phase-2,

Chandigarh (U.T.) INDIA

E-Mail: support@GetCardboard.in